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Alas, even the most magical of things must come to an end.

The last and final
Kingdom Keepers novel arrives a few weeks after my recent trip to the
happiest place on earth, so I must admit there is some lingering euphoria.  This is perfect timing
at its finest.

For my first read-through, I actually sprinted through the novel so fast that I lost a few pounds.

I'm sure anyone who has ever read the final book in a beloved epic series can relate.  Plot lines
are ending, revelations are imminent, answers are coming.  You need to absorb them as fast as
your eyes can.  

My second read, however, will likely take months.  I will not devour each and every word, but
rather relish and savor them (most likely gaining the weight back).

It is nearly three years since the traumatizing events of the
Disney Dream, and it's been relatively
quiet, albeit somber, for the Keepers since.  Now graduating seniors, they have put past
memories behind them and remain focused on their lives after high school.

Naturally, as so much was left unsolved after their final adventure, that silence doesn't last
forever.  Sooner than you can say Mickey, they are thrust back into the worlds of their DHIs.

This journey, unlike past adventures, doesn't take place in their familiar, comfortable Florida
landmarks.  There newest quest instead finds them traveling to California, at Disney
productions and Disneyland.  It's so fitting, ending this series where it all began for Walt Disney

The end of this series certainly brings a degree of sadness.  I may have found this series late, but
I loved it instantly.  The last three years, I looked forward to the newest
Kingdom Keepers novel
over any other release date.  For what appears to be the final time, my favorite past time meets
my favorite literary genre.   What am I to do now?

Wait!  What is that light?  Is it a sparkle of sunshine?  Is it a glimmer of hope?  IS IT

It's all of that and more.  A new series featuring the characters from
Kingdom Keepers is coming.  
As of now, it's entitled "The Return" and it's slated for an April 2015 release.  We'll keep you
updated on the details of that as they are announced, but for now I leave you with this
thought....I guess the theme of Cinderella was right - dreams do come true!

Books and Wands Official Verdict:
Excellent!  It's exciting, fast paced & ends well!  A must read!  
You can get your copy of Kingdom Keepers: The Insider, the final installment in the series today.
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You can also get more information about the author here.