Our Mission:  
    We seek to avenge the massacre of characterization that occurred at the end of the Potter
    series.  And, through expansion, to promote the virtues and good qualities of the books,
    the characters and their actors wherever and whenever possible.

    We are very excited to begin our expansion into the other worlds of popular literature.  
    We take heart that these stories mean so much to so many.  A change is on the horizon.  It
    will take courage, selflessness, friendship and maybe a little magic.  

    All qualities exemplified in these series.  We can learn so much - they can affect so many.  
    Are you ready to be the hero you've always read about?  You're in the right place.

    We are all born in the year of the Boar.  Boars are chivalrous, gallant, and loyal.  They don't
    make many friends, but when they do they make them for life.

    The Boar has tremendous fortitude, great honesty, and an unquenchable thirst for

    Everything they do, they do with all their strength.
The HP Trio
Symbolism Behind the Coat of Arms
Rilian Holden:
    I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in
    Writing from Tisch School of the Arts at New
    York University.  

    This book series has spoken to my sense of
    honor and loyalty, it has called on my
    intelligence and driven nature, and that is
    why, despite the anomalies in Book 6, I strive
    to make it make sense.  

    I believe that the author has a responsibility to
    character - then to the fans - and shouldn't
    sacrifice one to suit the other.  Enraged by it,
    we explore in search of the truth.
About Us
The Webmasters
Charge:                 Fleur-de-lis

This symbol, traditionally associated with French royalty,  represents perfection, light and
life.  Military units have used its resemblance to a spearhead to identify power and
strength.   Spearheads also symbolize dexterity and nimble wit.
In Latin, this phrase means Cleverness and Friendship.

Inspired by the famous quote from
Callidus et Amicitia
"Me! Books and cleverness! There are more important
things - friendship and bravery and...Oh, Harry! Be

Blue     symbolizes loyalty, beauty, serenity, truth and royalty.
Red      symbolizes courage, strength and warriorship.
Gold     symbolizes the elevation of the mind, constancy and generosity.
White   symbolizes purity, innocence, peace and sincerity.
The REAL Ginny Weasley:
    RGW for short.  I have a Masters of Science Degree in Early Childhood Education and
    Special Education from Wagner College.

    By day, I shape the minds of future Harry Potter followers.  Under my secret identity as The
    Real Ginny Weasley, I enjoy analyzing anything and everything Harry Potter through a
    sarcastic and humorous eye, in hopes of enhancing Ril's intelligent and enraging
    investigation into the series.

    It is my personal mission to avenge the character assassination of the fictional Ginny
    Weasley.  My quest is to redeem Ginny from the mangled shreds left of her character and
    prove her intelligence, valor and integrity.
Caspian Holden:
    I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering from The Cooper Union for the
    Advancement of Science and Art and a Master of Science in Biomedical Engineering from
    Rutgers University.

    Like my twin, Ril, we are loyal to the end, but let it not be said that we are  blind
    followers.  My love for the series is tempered with reason and insight...as any true fan
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