1.       Hermione slaps Malfoy (book and movie scene!)

2.       Hermione from the first moment of Book 1.

3.       The "Wingardium Leviosa" scene.

4.       J.K. created a wonderful world.

5.       Neville Longbottom – as the underdog, his sweetness, his clumsiness and his strength in
    the end.

6.       Luna Lovegood (from the books).

7.       Plot twists (i.e., Snape is actually the good guy in
    Book 1).

8.       Voldemort's backstory in Book 6.

9.       Neville's backstory in the books (what happened to his parents, who did it to them, and
    that he could've been the chosen one).

    10.     Neville's mom gives him the bubble gum wrapper in Book 5, he secretly
    keeps it.

    11.     Trelawney in the books (they kind of ignore her in the movies, but Emma
    Thompson rocks).

    12.     Sir Cadogan in the books.

    13.     Dobby!

    14.     Luna tells Harry not to worry because she can see thestrals too.

    15.     Marauder's Map.

    16.     Invisibility Cloak.

17.     Backstory of James and his friends in Book 3.

18.     The creation of the D.A.

19.     All of Hermione's genius ideas behind the D.A. (And how she manuevered Harry
    into doing it.)

20.     Spell on the D.A. parchment. (SNEAK)

21.     Ron in the first book, on the chess board, telling them that it's Harry who has to go on.

22.     Harry tries to save Cedric.

23.     Ginny in the beginning, when she is too shy to talk to Harry.

24.     Unlike that other series, we have a strong female character.

25.     Hermione's house elf efforts.  (I still want my SPEW badge!)

26.     Polyjuice Potion.

27.     Hermione's Messy Hair.

28.     Lucius Malfoy.

29.     Jason Isaacs.

30.     When the twins ride out of Hogwarts on their brooms in Book 5.

31.     Hermione believed Harry about the Triwizard tournament.

    32.     McGonagall versus Umbridge: the scene in Book 5 when Umbridge
    supervises McG’s transfiguration class and McG all but tells her off! (I
    heart Prof. McGonagall!)

    33.     Alan Rickman is cast as Snape.

    34.     Trelawney getting fired in Book 5. And her subsequent  drunkenness.

    35.     Fleur ripping the ointment out of Molly’s hand in the hospital scene in
    Book 6 and telling her that she (Fleur) is “pretty enough for the both of
    us” and staying at Bill’s side.

    36.     Dumbledore and Harry viewing Slughorn’s memory of the moment he
    explained to the young Tom Riddle what a Horcrux was...

37.     Luna’s Quidditch commentary in Book 6.

38.     Snape and his story are revealed in full in Chapter 33 of Deathly Hallows, entitled “The
    Prince’s Tale.”  This includes Dumbledore instructing Snape to kill him, Snape casting the
    doe in the woods to lead Harry to the Sword of Gryffindor, and most importantly, Snape’s
    love for Lily.

39.     Norbert the dragon – Book 1.

40.     Hermione mouthing Harry’s lines along with him in Movie 1.

41.     Hagrid giving Dudley a tail in the first book (and movie).

42.     The way the other schools arrive for the tournament in Book 4.

43.     Petunia’s Reminder howler...”Remember my last” and her reaction to it in Book 5.

44.     Hermione taking the blame for the Troll incident.  The moment that started off the rest of
    the series!

45.     Walking around the tent city at the World Cup and discovering the many layers and
    nationalities that make up the Wizarding World.

46.     Snape tries to protect Harry from Quirrell’s jinx during a Quidditch game in First

47.     Luna’s lion hat in Book 5.

48.     Hermione trying to get information in Knockturn Alley.  
    Book 6

49.     Snape triumphantly  duels Gilderoy Lockhart in the
    Dueling Club in Book 2.

50.     Malfoy being turned into a ferret in Book 4.

51.     Hermione at the Yule Ball.

52.     Neville at the Yule Ball.

53.     Hagrid and Madame Maxime’s courtship.

54.     Remus Lupin is a werewolf and Hermione knew!

55.     Snape snaps and screams “DON’T CALL ME A COWARD!” as Harry in
    the battle at the castle during Book 6.

56.     The magical tents in Book 4.

57.     Moody morphing into Barty Crouch Jr.

58.     Filtch freaking out about Mrs. Norris’ petrification in Book 2.

59.     Malfoy pretends not to recognize Harry in Book/Movie 7.

60.     In Goblet of Fire, Dumbledore vaguely tells Snape that he knows what he
    has to do.      

61.     Hermione sleeping through Charms and then freaking out about it in Book 3.      

    62.     McGonagall marching out to defend Hagrid in the fifth book.       

    63.     The Grim.       

    64.     The chaos surrounding the arrival of the Death Eaters at the World Cup -
    discovering what Death Eaters are for the first time, the panic the cause,
    their evilness in torturing Muggles, and Malfoy implying that Hermione
    is in more danger than anyone else.       

    65.     Gilderoy Lockhart.      

66.     Snape teaches Harry occlumency in Book 5.      

67.     Finding Filtch has Kwikspell books to try to learn magic in the fourth book.       

68.     Exploding Aunt Marge.      

69.     Sirius' goodbye to Harry and Hermione in Book 3.       

70.     The reappearance of the Ford Anglia in Book/Movie 2 to rescue Harry and Ron from
    giant spiders.       

71.     Discovering Tom Riddle is Lord Voldemort (the introduction of the diary, and thus,

72.     Harry overhearing the popular story of Sirius Black - and his reaction.      

73.     Ron cursing himself to "eat slugs" instead of Malfoy.       

74.     The Shrieking Shack scene - Book 3.      

75.     Buckbeak - his trial, Hermione going nuts trying to help and his rescue.       

76.     Hagrid consoling Hermione - after she's called names in Book 2,and when Harry and Ron
    aren't speaking to her in Book 3.    

77.     Neville standing up to the Trio in Book 1, only to be petrified for his trouble.  (And receive
    the House Points that won them the House Cup!)
78.     Crookshanks - meeting Ron, attacking Scabbers, helping Sirius and letting Harry and
    Hermione into the entrance of the Whomping Willow.

79.     The three of them knocking out Snape in the Shrieking Shack (and Hermione thinking
    they'll be expelled again).

80.     Snape is part of the Order of the Phoenix and contacts the rest of the Order after learning
    that Sirius is in trouble in fifth book.    

81.     Peter Pettigrew is a rat!

82.     Harry teasing Hermione about telling on him for
    sneaking into Hogsmeade under the Invisibility Cloak.      

83.     The appearance of the Dark Mark in Book 4.       

84.     Hermione saying that Harry, upon seeing the Grimm,
    wasn't stupid enough to think, "Right then, I just saw a Grimm, Now I better go and kick
    the bucket."      

85.     The Mirror of Erised.       

86.     Bellatrix Lestrange is so psychotically evil and so creepily loving and worshipful of

87.     Diagon Alley.       

88.     The Burrow.       

89.     Luna’s house being shaped like a Rook.      

90.     Time-turners.       

91.     Butterbeer!       

    92.     Hermione Granger walks out of Trelawney’s class.       

    93.     Unpetrified Hermione (and the fact that even petrified she figured it out

    94.     Harry’s Valentine that wrestles him to the ground in order to recite the
    greeting in Book 2.      

    95.     Thestral ride to the Ministry.       

96.     Hermione calls Lavender a “cow” and tells her to “shut her fat mouth” in Book 5.       

97.     Mrs. Weasley's duel with Bellatrix Lestrange and her battle cry leading into it. (wink,

98.     Tonks tripping over the elephant trunk umbrella stand and just generally being clumsy.

99.     Mrs. Weasley declaring Harry is "as good as" her own son in Book 5 when Harry wants to
    know what the "weapon" is and Sirius wants to tell him.      

100.   SNAPE!!!
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