The people of Wienerworld companies have released a new DVD
from Reality Films based on the symbolism and mythology that
Rowling has carefully (and sometimes not so carefully) laid out in
her timeless series.

The DVD flows like a documentary as scholar and author, Professor
Geo Travarthen (our very own Scottish professor ;) unravels some
of Rowling’s symbols through the lens of literary alchemy.
Having not known much about this area beforehand, I found it very

Professor Trevarthen knows her stuff, in both study and breeding.
She teaches a class out of the University of Edinburgh on this topic, she sat on a panel
discussing the Christian and alchemical themes; she was also raised in a practiced tradition of
Celtic Shamanism.

    The woman has a wand, people! – And she knows how
    to use it!

    Her points are salient, interesting and insightful. She is
    also the author of the book The Seeker’s Guide to Harry
    Potter.  The book, I presume, provides greater detail
    about alchemy and has a larger scope in terms of
    symbols covered, whereas the film offers a visual
    journey through Scotland, most specifically Edinburgh.

I’ve never had the opportunity to go to Scotland, so I was pleasantly stunned by its beauty.
Trevarthen points out the benefits (especially to her
students) of residing in and being able to view a lot
of the places that may have added shape and texture to
the novel series. She and her students even delight in
the possibility of being at the same location, in the same
cafés, that Rowling may have written sections of the

Trevarthen clearly knows and loves her topic and is
very informative, which makes viewing (and learning) fun and captivating.

    Recommended for any fan (delusional or otherwise)
    interested in learning more about alchemical symbology,
    or any reader/fan of either the website or book of the
    same name.

    In all honesty, it’s made me want to go buy the book
    (and if I lived in Edinburgh, I’d enroll in her class).

Well done, Professor Trevarthen!

And a very special thank you to Jacob Morrison-Wood, and Reality Films and Wienerworld

If you’d like to see it for yourself, here’s the
link to the DVD.
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