We loved the show so much the first time, we just had to go for round two!  July 15, 2012 - 11
rows from the stage, center.

This time we had an entourage with us, we went with a
team of eight people.  We were decked out in
Books and Wands T-shirts and completely determined to
support our boys with cheers and laughs (even when the
audience spaced out on pretty British accents).

Little did they know, we had a surprise for them.

The show was excellent as usual.  Except that the
presentation they usually make about the third book completely broke down.  Dan
handled it masterfully though.

Without hesitation he leaped from the stage and used the audience – reading their minds- to fill
in what normally gets projected.  The crowd loved it and if he was freaked out it didn’t show.

The best part of that for me...was watching Jeff sitting on his train on the stage completely
cracking up.  He seemed to really enjoy seeing his friend squirm.

During Quidditch, once again everyone reacted reflexively and just batted the beach ball with
their hands instead of grabbing and throwing it.  That is until our very own Andrew did just that!

I was actually so excited someone knew the 'grab and throw' technique that it took me a moment
to realize I knew him!

Before the show, at our suggestion of course, they were selling programme (yes, even that’s
British-y) books and light-up wands.  Get it!  Books and Wands!

Go figure their merchandise would be our title!  Great minds, baby.

I still want a Naughty Nagini stuffed snake.  But I refrained from stealing the one they use in the
show.  (I was actually sitting too far away from the stage, lol.)

After the show, we waited to meet our BBFs – British Best Friends.  They were so gracious and
kind.  They took the time to speak with us, signed our Playbills and recognized us – or rather
the T-shirts we were all wearing.

    Our new signature Books and Wands shirts, caught their attention. We surprised our
    BBFs with shirts of their own.

    They genuinely seemed deeply touched.  Dan even joked that he was about to make
    fun of us, but when he saw he was included on the team, he thanked us instead.  
    Repeatedly actually.  These guys are just so incredibly nice, it's hard to believe.

    Dan even recognized Andrew as the one who grabbed the ‘quaffle’ and threw it.  He
    said of
    Andrew’s very good attempt, that he was worried the ball would make it in.  
    Because Andrew came thisclose to ruining all their jokes. ;)

    We were very impressed by how nice and down-to-earth they are; they were really
    wonderful.  Even if their bouncer was forcing us out of the way.  And in a world full
of hapless celebrities with seemingly no idea how to behave like adults, these two are kind,
considerate and appreciative.  They are a marvel, really.

Dan and Jeff are, and this show is, the toast of Broadway.  Anyone visiting NYC this summer,
anyone who needs to plan a great date, and EVERY Potter fan should absolutely go see this

They're coming back for summer 2013!  We're so excited we might snot chocolate cake!
The Wonderful World of Potted Potter
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