1.       Looking back, this has been sort of a magical time for you, what’s
    been the most amazing thing to come from the success of
    Potted Potter?

    It has to be the unbelievable opportunity to perform
    Off-Broadway.  Especially with our own work. We are just
    2 British chums having a great time, and people seem to
    enjoy it too; which is magical.

    2.      What animal form would your Patronus take?

    I'd love to have something seemingly harmless like a
    hamster or a duck!  Imagine seeing a duck half-waddle,
    half-charge at a group of Dementors!  Now that would be visually spectacular!

    3.      Least favorite Harry Potter character?

    Oooh, tough question. The obvious one to say is Dolores Umbridge, as one is meant
    to hate her.  So, I'll go with that. JK wants me to hate someone, then I'll jolly well hate

    4.      You’ve said before that you’d love to see a prequel to the series, so would we!  
    Actually, we’ve been saying it to any one who will listen since the series ended.  
    How do we go about making this happen?

    We all get on our knees and beg to Rowling!  It would be awesome right?  The story
    of James Potter and Sirius Black.

    5.       How do you keep your energy and enthusiasm up for every show? It looks

    It really is, and there are days when you don't think you have the energy.  But you
    just have to remind yourself how awesome a job you have, suck it up, and get out
    there.  Once on stage the energy always comes from somewhere!

    6.       The final song...Awesome! Any plans to release it as a single on iTunes?

    You are too kind!  I don't think the world is ready yet for our...um... unique style of

    7.       Do you ever get sick of the show...or each other?

    We have performed PP around 1300 times in 6 years now.  BUT, because we throw
    so much improv in, and enjoy laughing at each other, it keeps the show as fresh as
    we possibly can.

    As for each other; our relationship has become like brothers.  We laugh, and gossip,
    and, most importantly, know when to leave the other one the hell alone!

    8.       How did you two meet?

    Jeff was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when I met him!  Nah, we were just
    two young wizards who met aboard the Hogwarts Express on our first day of term!
    Oh, how I wish that was true!

    9.       How did you ever decide which material to mention when you only have 70  
    minutes to do all 7 Potter novels?

    Without rereading the books, we went over what we remembered from each book.  
    Thinking these must be the most important points; if we remembered them.

    We then reread them, and filled in the (gaping) plot points we had forgotten.

    But, crucially, we were not afraid to throw out 500 pages of plot to make room for a
    silly wig!

    10. Is it ok to admit that I might have liked your adaptation of Harry Potter better
    than the movie versions...or do I get kicked out of the fandom for that?

    Ha! I think that’s acceptable!  In fact, anything that sounds like a compliment towards
    us is ok to admit!

    11.     We think HP would make a great musical ala the Lord of the Rings musical.  Is
    there any chance we could get you to adapt the story?

    If you knew how long it took us to learn to sing that final song in a way that isn't
    insulting to ears, you would NOT be asking us to be involved in a musical.  I do
    really enjoy writing song lyrics, so maybe I could just be a writer on it...?

    12.     Are you excited about Rowling’s new book about muggles, The Casual Vacancy?  
    Thinking of doing a Potted Vacancy show?

    Definitely looking forward to reading this.  Be great to see what she does next, the
    style she uses.  I'm sure once the book is out it will make an appearance in the show!

    13.     There’s pretty set touristy things to do and see in NYC, like the Empire State
    Building, Statue of Liberty, Broadway, eat a dirty water Hot Dog...how many and
    which of them have you done?

    Personally, I have only done a few of them.  For me, it was more important to
    experience the real New York, as I was going to live here for almost 4 months.

    So I have found a couple of establishments that regard me as a regular, and I totally
    love that!  But I have had a dirty water hot dog.  Man, they are the best - I don't even
    WANT to know what's in them...

    14.     As born and raised New Yorkers, we’d like to welcome you to the club.  You can
    now officially call yourselves New Yorkers.  What’s the silliest souvenir you’ve
    bought or sent to someone back home?

    Ha!  Wow, I'm officially a New Yawker!  Nice!  I have a case full of I heart NY t-shirts
    ready to take back for friends and family!  I'm sure they'll all be thrilled!

    15.     What will you miss most about NYC?

    The service culture.  In diners, bars & restaurants everyone
    is so lovely, and it seems so natural.  In London, not only
    do you not get service with a smile, you're lucky to not
    get service with a Snape-like sneer!

    16.     Do you ever get homesick?  Do you get a chance to fly  
    back across the pond?  Or should we say apparate?

    Always hard as you miss your friends and family, but it's
    been great here, they have all come over to visit and it's
    been amazing sharing this amazing experience with them  
    all!  I am looking forward to being back in London for a
    short break before Chicago, stock up on all my Tea and crumpets!

    17.     The Olympics were awesome. Are you sad you missed your home Games?

    Devastated.  Truly.  But we have tickets for the Paralympics, so we will get to suck
    up some of the atmosphere.  To be honest though, in the future, if people ask why I
    missed the Games, saying I was in New York performing off Broadway is a pretty
    good excuse!

    18.     Team GB performed great! Do you have a favorite athlete or team?

    So so proud of our team!  I had Team GB bunting sent over from the UK to put up
    back stage! Hard to pick out just one athlete they all did so well.  Although Jessica
    Ennis is lovely though, isn't she!

    19.     Are you excited to be headed to Chicago?  What are you most interested in

    I know so very little about the windy city.  I think it's got to be the blues scene that
    excites me.  Dan's youngest brother is the biggest Blues Brothers fan I know, so it will
    be fun to make him jealous.

    20.     If I lived in Chicago, what would I need to know to get tickets?

    Simply go to our website pottedpotter.com, as simple as that!  Oh, and feel free to
    invite me over for Thanksgiving!  Has nothing to do with the question, it's just going
    to be my first one ever!  Very excited about it!

    21.     Beyond Chicago, what are your next steps?  Where would you love to play next?

    It's hard to know where to go from New York. Chicago is a pretty good start; and
    there are plenty of other places in the States that I'd like to visit. LA & Vegas spring
    to mind...

    22.     What’s the future of our favorite duo?  Will there be more Dan and Jeff productions
    or will you go your separate ways?

    I'm sure there will be another Potted show!  They're so much fun too do.  Just got to
    figure out what!  Maybe Potted Hunger Games?  Watch as Jeff and I fight over who gets
    the last bagel for 60 minutes!

    23.     If Jeff ever plays Black Stache or Dan gets to be Chaplin, you have to let us know
    because we will be in the front row!  That’s not really a question so – could you let
    us know?  =P

    If either of these things happened, our lives would be complete.  If you can make this
    happen; front row nothing - you'll get a percentage, as our brand new agents!

    24. Consider us your ABFs – American Best Friends.  Don’t be strangers to NYC
    and don’t hesitate to tweet us for anything.

    Is this still a question?  Well, I will answer: Okay, it'd be a pleasure!

    25. We totally heart you!  Good luck in Chicago.  You will be missed.

    We heart you too. You've been most hospitable.
    Thank you. x

    26. One last question...Yankees or Mets?

    Yankees all the way!  First baseball game I ever saw was 2 years ago, and it was the
    Yankees!  They became my team, got my hat and my number 13 Yankees shirt, Alex
    Rodriguez, in 'Rod' we trust!  

    Pfft, Rod nothing.  It's all about Robinson Cano; Number 24!
Questions for the Best Comedy Duo...Ever!
We grieve the loss of our BBFs – British Best Friends – bitterly and yet, we must remember that
we cannot be so selfish as to keep them all to ourselves.

As true lovers of Potter, we must share them with the entire fandom and thus, the world!

On a more serious note, we would like to say – from personal experience – that these boys, and
their team of henchmen working on the show, are absolutely amazing!

They are kind, generous and are genuinely good-hearted people.  We wish them all the best and
success in everything they do...hopefully, many more Potter-related projects. (hint, hint)

And we thank them whole-heartedly and gushingly for this interview, their great performances,
for their attention to their fans, and for playing with us!

If you live in Chicago, or anywhere near Illinois, you should make it your business to get
tickets.  Here’s everything you need to know:

    Theatre:      Broadway Playhouse @ Water Tower Place
    175 E. Chestnut St  
    Chicago, Illinois 60611
    Dates:         November 13, 2012 -
    December 16, 2012
    Prices:         $39.75 to $69.75

Now, go see the show!  Immediately!  That’s an order!

With a heavy-heart, much love and respect, we bid
Potted Potter farewell.  You are always
welcome at our house for Thanksgiving!  Thanks for keeping the love of Potter alive.  And,
especially, thanks for being so awesome!

Good Luck! Bon Chance! Buona Fortuna! And remember...

Goodbye! Farewell!
One of you shall live, and one of you shall die!
Jeff goes wild! Grrrr....
That's Dan!
And that's Jeff!
Potted Potter: The Interview
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On this very sad occasion of the close of NYC’s best Off-Broadway hit, Potted Potter, the cast
were kind enough to grant their fans a few last nuggets of wisdom before they left.

Books and Wands has had the wonderful luck of connecting with the Potted Potter team while
they’ve been in New York (God Bless, Twitter!). And as we wipe our eyes and regain our
composure we’d like to also remind everyone that this isn’t the end. It’s just a new beginning.

Shows in Chicago start November 13.