A Love Letter to our Fellow Believers
Dear Fellow Free Thinkers,

My twin and I feel the need to apologize. We have been untrue. We left you hanging when we
all need each other the most. For this we are heartily sorry and vow to never again leave you in
your hour of need.

Behold, delusional logic-mongers and true scholarly readers of the pulverized canon, your
perseverance has not been in vain. We offer you hope! For we are not wrong in our conclusions,
the insanity and outright character mutilation is the very proof of our correctness.

Now is the time to band together in support of the true faith, the one veracious testament of
character fulfillment and logical story progression that has not been reflected in these last two
published writings. We know the truth and deep down the
Horde knows the truth as well, for
that is why they fight so hard and behave like spoiled children, gloating and parading around
stroking their egos.

Our truth is our weapon, it is our shelter, it is what binds us together across mountains and
oceans, across gender gaps and cultural differences, it is what unites us as one among many
nations and backgrounds all around the world.

The truth is that our beloved JKR has fallen victim to the persuasions of the Horde. She
established an outline a millennium ago and the characters she has so lovingly nurtured along
their own paths were cut down at the knees and condemned to the road her outlines carved out
all those years ago.

But do not blame the Maker...for she is under duress.

Clearly, this is the working of the Death Eaters. Voldemort once again regained power in the
Magical World, discovered the popularity of his nemesis among muggles and sought to
discourage the Muggle Legions from joining the war.

He blackmailed JKR (probably threatening her children, if we know anything about Dark Lords)
and coerced her to pen a saccharine ending, forcing it down all of our throats. And to some this
would seem wonderful and fitting and they would believe the lies and give up on our
Wizarding friends.

But to others, the
seers as it were, the truth is revealed in the inconsistencies and lives in the

The Magical World needs our help. Our mates are in danger! The Dark Lord has
underestimated our determination, our dedication. It will be his worst mistake yet.

Would you abandon our Trio, our
family to the mercies of the Dark Lord and his Death Eaters
like the Horde seems so willing to do, or would you assume your true Gryffindor, Ravenclaw,
Hufflepuff and yes, even Slytherin natures and make a stand?

It is time to unite and fight! Once labeled as militant and written off, now we transcend mere
jibes and attempts to draw our focus away from the truth.

Our friends have been left for dead on the road to Book 7’s denouement, unwitting casualties
not of a war for justice and peace, but of an outline prepared long before their evolutions. We
are not willing to sit by and witness their last rattling gasps for life without doing something
about it.

We give you Granger’s Army! The first elite group dedicated to fighting the ignorant and
sprawling forces of destruction and irrationality.

Granger’s Army, inspired by the Muggleborn leader of Wizards Hermione Granger herself, will
focus on stamping out the pervading propaganda. There can be many approaches to this task;
there will soon be many divisions working in unison to bring about the final result.

Our mission is to diffuse insanity into a clear, precise pattern and to chart the logical
progressions. To make sense of madness. To breathe life back into abandoned characters.

And we will do so in the spirit of our inspiration. Hermione Granger has always used her
intellect to battle incongruity, irrationality, ignorance and just generally mean people. She only
ever used her formidable physical strengths when pushed to her limits.

In turn, we will not resort to name-calling, gloating or temper-tantrums. We will not stoop to
mocking, jeering or ridiculing the Horde. We will be dignified at all times, respect differences in
opinions, and even admit when others have clear, well-thought-out and supported points.

We shall have class and poise while making our arguments and conduct ourselves with
decorum both in and outside of the forums, web pages, conventions or any other gathering
where we will undoubtedly face ridicule and contempt. Do not yield to these pressures. Do not
lower yourselves to the level of immature desertion of truth and logic.
For you are better than that.

And remember, though misguided as they may be, the Horde is comprised of fans and lovers of
the Magical World as well. They, like you, have been touched by the valor and goodness found
within the pages of the Potterverse. We must not be too harsh with them.

We will set ourselves apart from the Horde by our actions. We will have dignity where they
would wallow in the gutters, we will respect each other and others' opinions where they would
tear down and mock. We are similar in our love for the Magical World and passion for our
vision, only we’re...smarter.

(Cheek is allowed, just not disrespect.)

Join ranks, delusional ones!

Enlist now and begin on the journey to conquer cheesy melodrama and utter stupidity. Point
out the way to enlightenment to those among us who are too embittered and mired in
nonsensical pairings and behaviour to see the path. Be a source of hope to other delusionals
who feel just as abandoned and alone as you! Be part of the solution!

We’re drafting the official Granger’s Army Oath for all recruits. A sign-up parchment will be
posted soon! For those interested in an immediate enlistment, feel free to email either of us at
any time. (We’re also working on designs for badges, no forget badges...we’re going for arm
bands, baby!!!)

We may not be able to re-write history or convince everyone, but we can support ourselves. We
can be each other’s salvation!

Fight the good fight. Keep the faith. Until next time...

Devotedly yours

Rilian                                              Caspian                        RGW

Rilian Holden                                        Caspian Holden                            REAL Ginny Weasley     
Generals First Class                                          
Delusional Division, Logic-Monger Unit
Granger’s Army
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This letter was first published after a brief hiatus from the site.

The webmasters had been too horrified after a re-reading that they could not immediately
continue. Once their reopened wounds scabbed over, they returned to the site.

What you have just read is their apology to the faithful and true, the delusional readers, and
their new mission.
Ready for Enlistment: