1.       They showed too much of the Voldemort/Tom Riddle storyline in the trailers.

    2.       They gave away the kiss in the trailers – for people who hadn’t read it, that should have been a

    3.       Harry chasing Snape and calling him a coward was also in the trailers.

    4.       In the film itself, Snape had no reaction to being called a coward – which was like the whole point of
    that scene.

    5.       Scrimgeour was no where to be found: doesn’t oust Fudge, doesn’t take action for action’s sake and
    doesn’t proposition Harry; he had quite a large role in HBP considering – but will appear in DH only
    to die.

    6.       Luna walks Harry out of the Hogwarts Express not Tonks.

    7.       Because they changed the kiss scene, Harry winds up not hiding the book under the Diadem of
    Ravenclaw...have these people even read the last book yet?

    8.       Tonks and Lupin are already dating.  It's not a surprise revelation.

    9.       The twins have the shop without any explanation of how/where they got the money to open one.

    10.     They show the Death Eaters taking Ollivander so you never have to wonder what happened to him.

    11.     Draco is not crying to Moaning Myrtle in the bathroom, he’s just sort of crying to himself.

    12.     The Death Eaters don’t really attack Hogwarts they just
    turn up to kill Dumbledore and then stroll around the place.

    13.     I guess Dumbledore’s funeral wasn’t important to show either.  With all the hormone hysteria, why
    show something relevant?

    14.     No Fleur in the film to say the absolute, hands down best line ever: “It doesn’t matter that his face
    was bitten off by a half-turned werewolf...I’m beautiful enough for both us!

    15.     Too much concentration on Hermione being a sobbing crying little mess. She weeps so much maybe
    they should call her ‘Snivellus’.

    16.     They don’t show the pensieve scene of Riddle visiting Mrs. Smith and seeing Helga Hufflepuff’s cup.
    Clearly, the creation of a Horcrux is not important.

    17.     Nor do they show the pensieve memory of Merope Gaunt.  We don’t get to meet Riddle’s twisted
    family (Muggle or Pureblood), or see Marvolo’s Peverell Ring.  So really what did they show of the
    creation of the monster that is Voldemort?  Just some scenes of Riddle being a creepy little kid.

    18.     Harry barely gets any sort of punishment from almost killing Draco in the duel, let alone gets
    suspended from Quidditch...just what are we trying to teach these crazy wizards?  That it’s okay to
    kill other kids in girls’ bathrooms?  For shame.

    19.     Let’s talk about a random added attack on the Burrow for a moment... Dear Readers, can you
    imagine what we are thinking right now?  Do you have the same choice words rushing around your

    Let’s just start with why?  Why attack the Burrow in Sixth Year for no reason, when Death Eaters
    do actually attack in Book 7 after the wedding?  

    What’s the point?  Oh, yeah, there is no point.  The powers that be worried there wasn’t enough
    action in the film so they attacked the Burrow!  

    Never mind that whole sections of relevant information are cut out because of the time restraints of a
    movie, but it’s okay to add in random junk.

    20.     Harry is not petrified in Dumbledore’s death scene...so in essence, he does absolutely nothing to help
    Dumbledore (his surrogate father) of his own accord.  He just lets Dumbledore get killed because
    “he’s just following orders”.
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