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Half-Blood Prince Movie Review
by the REAL Ginny Weasley
5 Things I LOATHED
1. Like sands through the hour glass...
2. The End?
3. Hermione? Is that you?
4. Rufus Scrimgeour
5. The Attack at the Burrow
If you’ve been following my thoughts on Books and Wands, then you know that I already knew
about this addition to the movie and my pure hatred of it.  However, I would’ve given the
screenwriters some credit if the scene had stolen the show.  IT DID NOT.

In fact, it was probably one of the worst scenes in all six movies.  Did Mr. Weasley really stand
there for ten minutes calling out Ginny and Harry’s names to prevent them from chasing the
Death Eaters?  Run after them! Saying someone’s name has never helped anyone!

On top of that, why were the Death Eaters trying to chase them into the field at all?  Why didn’t
they burn the house right away?  Don’t tell me it was to add in action!  The ending of the book
had plenty of action and you chose to cut it out!
5 Things I LOVED
In how many languages can I say brilliant?
All right, so I can only say it in English, but if I could say it 100 times then I would. I loved this
scene.  I would rank this movie as one of the best because of this scene alone, and I don’t care
who agrees with me.  I think I bothered every fan sitting around me at the way I was laughing
out loud.

I loved Slughorn’s and Hagrid’s reaction to this uncharacteristic Harry.  Even when the scene
toned down for Harry’s serious discussion with Slughorn, the brilliance remained.

You can bet that I will be quoting this scene for years to come.
1. Felix Felicis
2. Love Potion
3. The Voldemorts
4. "Severus...please..."
5. Sectumsempra!
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Granger's Army
There is very little I can say that you don’t already know.  We are on our sixth movie and while
some were better than others, they have each been awful and wonderful in their own ways.  

I can confidently say that most fans would agree. I have yet to meet a Harry Potter fan without a
love/hate relationship with the series.

So instead of sounding like a broken record, I will invent a new word to describe my attitude
towards the movies — I
loaved it.

That, of course, being a combination of the word
loved and loathed.  You can bet that all of my
thoughts over the next few weeks will be
Half-Blood Prince themed.  (Got one already — why did
it have to be Luna who finds Harry on the train and not Tonks?)

For now, I’ve compiled a quick list of the Top Five Things I LOVED and LOATHED about the

Let’s start with the bad stuff, shall we?
There was an overabundance of romantic storylines in this film, but can you really blame the
movie?  This is one complaint that can be traced back to the book.  Since the day
Half-Blood Prince
came out, I have lovingly referred to it as the
soap opera.

Here’s, however, where you should blame the movie—terrible portrayals.  The waitress who
flirts with Harry at the beginning?  Don’t get me wrong.  I think Daniel Radcliffe is beyond
words.  But would messy little Harry really get the attention of a twenty-something waitress in a
diner, and so much that his sudden disappearance would upset her?

Then there’s the not-so-subtle relationship between Ron and Hermione.  I’m sorry but I like to
work for my thoughts.  This was placed in our laps.  Lavender Brown didn’t stalk Ron in the
books.  She became obsessed at the idea of having a boyfriend, even if Ron was just using her.  
The Cormac/Hermione storyline had potential, but lost its edge somewhere between Hermione
being so flat out with her intentions and Cormac vomiting on Snape’s shoes.

As for Ginny (the character of course), I just don’t know what to do with that girl.  Thanks again
to lack of subtlety, we learn of Harry’s crush from the very beginning.  Harry’s struggle with the
crush, however, is virtually cut from the screenplay.  Except for one scene that shows Ginny and
snogging at the Three Broomsticks, Ginny practically throws herself at Harry.  The entire
storyline went downhill when Ginny kisses him in the Room of Requirement.

C’mon, Un-REAL Ginny Weasley, didn’t your mother ever teach you to play hard to get?
An organized confrontation?  No battle?  All of the Death-Eaters penetrating Hogwarts through
the vanishing cabinet just to walk around?

Snape calmly revealing to Harry that he’s the Half-Blood Prince even though he never even
suspected Harry had his textbook?  Snape doesn’t get upset when Harry calls him a coward?  
On second thought, Snape barely fighting back at all?

Could that actually be classified as “The End”?  It’s certainly not “The SAME End” from the
Could Hermione have been more self-involved?

In the book, she is only slightly distracted by her lust for Ron.

She never fails to ignore the problems of the wizarding world or her good friend, Harry.  With
all that impending doom, how dare she cry to Harry on the stairs over a boy!!!
One of the few things I enjoyed about Half-Blood Prince (the novel) is the parallel storyline
between Rufus and Fudge in the previous novel.

While Fudge refused to even acknowledge the return of Voldemort, Scrimgeour seemed to take
action for the sake of taking action. (Most famous regimes seem to go one way or the other).

So the smart thing to do would be cut out the Scrimgeour storyline and all of its brilliance out of
this film all together, right?
This potion doesn’t live up to the Felix Felicis, but it was so close to the book that I have to rank it
in my Top Five.  After all the changes and cut-outs, it was refreshing to watch five minutes of
film that were practically word-for-word from J.K.’s writing.

And Rupert was hands down hysterical...
This compliment doesn’t end with Half-Blood Prince.  I mean every actor that has ever been cast to
play Voldemort in a
Harry Potter movie has been phenomenal.

Our two newest Voldemorts, Hero Fiennes-Tiffin and Frank Dillane, are so wonderfully creepy.  
My favorite would definitely be the eleven-year-old Tom Riddle.

I actually shuddered during the line, “I can talk to snakes.”  It makes you wonder how
Dumbledore couldn’t figure out right then and there that he would become the darkest of all
wizards, past and present.

As amazing as the past Voldemorts were, however, was it really necessary to change the
pensieve?  The one in
Goblet of Fire was just fine.  

Just like Scrimgeour, are these directors taking action for the sake of taking action?
Even though I’m angry that Harry wasn’t petrified during Dumbledore’s death scene, I only
have positive things to say.

Above everything, however, is the exact line from the novel as Dumbledore pleads, “Severus...
please...,” although not exactly for the reason Harry thinks.

I mean, I have
Half-Blood Prince open to page 595 and I’m staring at it—the exact line!!  If I could
find every scene from the movie in the book, I would never have a complaint again.
This has always been one of my favorite chapters in Half-Blood Prince.  For me, this scene is a
break from the Soap Opera and a return to the actual storyline.

I was pretty upset that Moaning Myrtle wasn’t in the bathroom comforting Malfoy.  I was
excited as the prospect at seeing her again — she was just adorable in
Chamber of Secrets and
Goblet of Fire.

I got over it quickly when Harry and Malfoy started dueling.  You could really feel how much
these two characters had been keeping inside over the past five years.  Again, it was so close to
the book that I had to love it!
Overall, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince continued to both please and disappoint me.  
Whether you come up with the same list of Top Fives or not, you have to agree with that.

I’ll meet you all back here for Part One of
Deathly Hallows.  Chances are, I’ll loave that one too...