The Hansberry Chronicles: Volume 1
A Scholarly Rant by Dr. Eyre Hansberry
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In the beginning, there were websites and at the end of the day, J.K. Rowling looked at these
websites and said, “It is good.”  

Then she went on to write a few more books.  She looked at these books and the fans’ response
and said, “It is good.”  

Then something unexplainable happened.  The series had ended and, along with the books, she
had given us so much more.

She left us as a community of people who had banded together in the name of Potter.  In
creating this community, J.K. left us hungry for more.  As we grew stronger and more vocal, she
decided that we should not be sharing this forbidden knowledge with others or thinking for

In other words, J.K. Rowling created a new species of man, but decided that he should not be
granted free will.

She led us into the Garden of Potter and, at the first sign of us disobeying her orders; she cast us
out of Paradise with an evil grin on her face and Book 6 in her hand.

Rowling yearns for control over her fans! She just wants us to think the way she thinks and see
the characters the way she sees them.  She doesn’t allow us to meet the characters as the story
unfolds and form our own opinions about them.

Let’s imagine for a second that this world is real and these characters are real.  

Imagine you could be walking down Broadway and bump into Harry or Ron or Hermione.  If
ten different people were to bump into them in the same way, you would likely find them to
have formed ten different opinions of these real, live versions of our wizarding friends.  

Why is it then that we are to defy human nature and blindly accept Rowling’s word as law?

Has she come down from the mountain and handed us a new set of commandments?  

Well, Ms. Rowling, to you I say, “I see no tablets of stone!”  What I do see is akin to the light
bearer falling to the dark side.
Et tu, Rowling? Et tu?

Yet there has always been a choice to return to the light.  What is yours, Dear Reader?  Swallow
the canon and choose what is easy?  Or think for yourself and choose what is right?

    Until we meet
    Eyre Hansberry
Special thank you to Dr. Eyre Hansberry for this wonderful contribution to the site.