What made you first take interest in Harry Potter?
I was forced in by evil corruption.

But seriously, I've always loved fantasy-type books and mysteries as
well. I had seen the cover of book 5 and thought it just looked like a
great book.

I was, however, intimidated by the 800+ pages and decided to ask my
cousin, Ril (that's you), if you’d read these books.  You said 'yes' and
that they were really interesting, and so I was intrigued.
Did that experience make you want to read the books?
Yes, it did actually.  But not enough to actually read them.  Reading
has never been a great enjoyment to me.  I do love reading but the
moment has to strike me as well.
Did the movies spark your interest more?
Absolutely.  After seeing the first and second movies, I went out and
bought the 3rd and 4th books.
But you still didn’t read them?
No.  I was excited about the story from seeing the movies, but by the
time I got the books and got a moment to read, I just wasn’t interested

The spark wasn’t there.  That, and I couldn’t let Cas and Ril know that I
was even thinking about reading the books!
What did make you want to read the books?
It felt like there were a couple of things missing from the movies and I
wanted to know more about the characters.  I also couldn't wait to see
what happened next.

And the one thing your readers have to understand, Ril, is that you
and Cas are obsessed.
(Laughs)  I think they know that...
No, I mean, there was a while there when you guys didn’t talk about
anything else.  Or anything you did talk about led back to Harry
frickin’ Potter.

I was sick of the code speak.  It was like you were in some sort of cult.  
It was what made me want to know what you were talking about and
what made me keep away from it. I didn’t want to turn into you.

You were all like, “Blank blanks blank.”  And, “You know when
Hermione does the thing with the coins?  Yeah, it was pretty
Okay, we get it, dear cuz.  But obviously your curiosity won out.  You
did wind up reading the books.
Yeah, well, it was more like you made me an offer I couldn’t refuse.
More like you didn’t want to refuse.  You wanted to read the books,
just admit it.
I was intrigued.  That’s all you’re getting.
I don’t know why you resist it.  Clearly, I’ve already won, as you’ve
read them. And you’re being interviewed right now.
Can I tell everyone about the ‘offer’ or are you going to keep
interrupting me?
By all means, cuz.
Since I procrastinated with the reading on my own, Ril and Cas offered
to read them with me and definitely made it more fun.

Well, they didn’t just read the books, they practically performed them.  
It was hilarious. I wish I had it on tape.
Why did Cas and Ril offer to enact the books with you?  Why did that
appeal to you?  What was the experience like?
(Laughs)  There are no words.  They offered because they thought it
would be more fun and intended to read the books again as well so we
read them together.

I was very excited because as you know, Ril and Cas are
very...humorous and entertaining.  

They would also be able to answer any questions I had and that they
did, and very well I might add.
(It takes a good five minutes, for Heathcliff to stop laughing and wipe the tears from his eyes.)
Did that make you totally love it?
Yes.  I think at that point I definitely became a huge Harry Potter fan.

It wasn't a children's book anymore.
So, in other words, we won.
(Laughs) No, JK Rowling won.

I even called my girlfriend at the time, Michelle, and told her I was
now a huge Harry Potter fan and she was so excited she practically
dropped the phone and laughed at me saying “I didn’t know you
So, you were hooked from that point on?
Yes, definitely.  I couldn't wait to see what happened next.  I think we
started reading the fourth book as soon as we closed the 3rd one.

I didn't want to wait.  I don't think I had a choice either. :)
Aside from being forced into it, what motivates you to want to
continue with the series?
So many people have died in the story and I am very curious to see
how the characters handle it and what motivates them in doing what
they are doing.

Every ending to every book seems to be a cliff-hanger and I want to see
what their next adventure is.
Who’s your favorite character?
Probably Hermione.
Good answer. Why is she your favorite?
Because she is a know-it-all.  And she does know everything!  And at
such a young age!  

She is the most intelligent of the group and Harry and Ron would be
completely lost without her!  They probably would have died in the
first book.
What point have you read up to?
I am about to complete book five.   

From what I have heard from you two, I am a bit apprehensive to read
books six and seven.  I want to savor the goodness of book 5.
And how many of the films have you seen?
I have seen all of them.
Which, in your opinion, is better: the book or the movie?
Oy.  The fifth movie was a very good movie but there were so many
things they left out that were extremely important!!

If I didn't read the book, I probably would say that was the best movie
I had ever seen.  But I know how good it could have been.

The second movie was probably my favorite.  That was absolutely
Having gotten that far into the books, how do you think the series will
I think two of the characters will get married.  A lot of others will die
and they will have many more obstacles in keeping themselves alive.  

I really don't know what to expect to tell you the truth.
How do you want it to end?
Hopefully with Hermione and Harry together, but I think she will end
up with Ron unfortunately.  

I think Harry will finally conquer Voldemort and we’ll finally figure
out why Voldemort didn't kill Harry when he was a baby but
continually wants to now.  I know he was protected by his parents'
love for him and all but there has to be more to the story.

I want to know why they are so much connected and why Voldemort is
the way he is.
Are you happy to be corrupted?
Yes. I do say that with hesitation though.
With our horror over the last two books, have we?Why the hesitation?  
We haven’t scared you too much
A little bit.  You kept saying how bad it was and what a mess she
made.  It’s a bit unnerving. (Laughs)  

I don’t want everyone to die.  And I’m scared of what’s going to
happen.  I’m going to be nervous when I read six and seven.
Okay, final question: Any advice to those still resisting or those who
have friends who need to be corrupted?
For those who are fighting it.'ll be totally worth it.   For those
with friends they want to corrupt - keep at it...they will come around.  
The material should speak for itself!

Though, it does help to have Cas and Ril around. ;)
Aww, thanks for the plug, Heathy.

And so we part, after making sure we’ve eaten the whipped cream and not worn it. We set out
into the cold night, bundled up against the wind and waddling to our cars.

My advice for your as yet uncorrupted friends...let me at ‘em!
A Tale of Corruption:
An Interview with the Happily Converted
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Granger's Army
Seated in a small booth in the corner of the deserted late-night diner, Heathcliff swipes his finger
at the whipped cream dripping from his overflowing hot chocolate.

It's a cold night, the chill leaving frost on the parked cars outside and along the brightly lit
windows of our favorite diner.

I haven't seen Heathy in a while.  School and work have taken up our time, but when I'd told
him of my idea for the Guest Blog, he jumped at the idea.

Heathcliff Holden (yes, dear readers, he's a cousin of everyone's favorite webmasters) is a
convert to the Potter fandom.  He's not a natural, Cas and I had to drill it into him.

This is a tale of our success.  A tale of the corruption of an innocent Potter on-looker.

A one-time forsaker of all things Potter related, Heathy had sworn he'd never pick up the
books.  (Mostly, I think, just to aggravate us.)  Yet, nevertheless, we prevailed.  The juicy
goodness that is
Harry Potter proved far too tempting and eventually won Heathy over.

And so, taking a sip of my boiling hot chocolate, I begin the interrogation by first laughing at the
whipped cream he's managed to get on his nose.  

Then, having dodged the multiple napkins that come flying my way as a result, I ask him to
share with us his side of the story.
Special thank you to Heathcliff Holden for this wonderful contribution to the site.