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The mission of Granger’s Army is to establish a device for the discovery of the truth within Harry
.  A device so specialized and unparalleled that its combined force is unconquerable. The
device: the fan’s brain.

As a solitary machine the fan’s brain can be bested, it can be outmaneuvered by those who
seemingly have “all the cards” or at least know how to push the brain’s buttons so that it
immediately becomes clouded with rage and aggravation.

However, as a joint operation
Granger’s Army becomes a host of multiple divisions thrusting
forth through the quagmire of lies and red herrings together as one, not to be dissuaded or

As a symbiotic unit, the fan’s brain, or “fans’ brains”, of
Granger’s Army is unstoppable in its
quest and shall achieve any goal set in front of it.

United in a common goal, the many fan bases within the
Harry Potter world can uncover the true
meaning behind the nonsense in Books 6 & 7.

One brain may not be smarter than the Maker...but many brains working together, feeding off
each other in a community that encourages diversity of thought and approach and continually
supports and uplifts its members, in a society for the promotion of friendship and
understanding through the peaceful negotiation of fact...our many brains can be more powerful
than the One.  If the Many can figure out the One, than it most certainly can outwit the Horde.
Granger's Army: The Manifesto
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Inspired by the spirit of the Granger, we are reorganizing the GA.  No longer will it only be
about finding the truth within one series.  

The will remain a goal and focus, but we are broadening our scope.  We've looked to the
horizons and, in the wake of such a great character who is strong and true and as capable as any
great hero of old, we have seen other heroes arise.  

So now the GA will help support all the great heroes: in writings and in real life.  Those acts of
courage in the real world are not any less outstanding than flying a broomstick or firing an

We support Hermione - for she was the true hero of Potterdom.
We support Katniss - though a reluctant hero she was stronger and more capable than people
twice her age.
We support Emma - she truly is a trailblazer.
We support Peeta, Bella, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift - anyone and everyone willing to make
a difference.

Be strong.  Be a hero.  Be a real life Gryffindor!

The real question is are you a hero?

Take the oath and get started!
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