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Hermione and Ginny’s friendship:  In serious jeopardy!  While it’s never stated how close they
are, they do get on quite well with each other when they are around each other.  

I get the distinct impression that when they are at the Burrow, so long as Harry isn’t with them,
Hermione spends more time with Ginny than hanging around with just Ron.  The exception,
then, is that when Harry does arrive for the summer they become the trio and inseparable, with
a little Ginny on the side.

And let’s face it ladies, when have any of you been able to keep a secret...especially when you’re
secluded in a dark bedroom, snuggled protectively in darkness and your blankets...let’s not
forget, they share a bedroom whenever they stay at the Burrow together.  To think that they can’t
stand each other and yet are able to stay in such close quarters without a word of complaint is
quite absurd.

So why then the distance in Book 6?  The harsh words?

I think Ginny befriended Hermione to pump her for information about Harry.  All the while
playing the innocent card of “I really to want to be your friend” and “there aren’t any girls
around to talk to”....So Hermione wouldn’t suspect a thing.  

And Hermione who has had so few friends, real and true friends, in her life would eagerly, I
think, allow for the chance of having a close girl friend, especially since the two friends she does
have are boys and can’t really understand what things are like for a teenage girl.

I can see, though I’m not stating it as fact, a situation along the lines of the extremely selfish
Ginny using an unsuspecting Hermione to get closer to Harry.  Ginny clearly has a crush on
Harry from the second she arrives at Hogwarts.

She probably spent the previous year hearing her Mum gush about Harry and his
wonderfulness because she is thrilled Ron is friends with him.  I think she knew that boys don’t
talk openly, or maybe was too shy to approach him directly, so if she wanted the skinny on
Harry she should befriend Hermione.

Then maybe when Hermione finds out the truth that their friendship was a sham, she confronts
Ginny and that is what causes the rift between them.

Then Hermione’s odd behavior in HBP is motivated by protection for Harry, which is fitting
with her character and almost everything else she’s ever done in the entire series.  Even in
misinterpreting the Ancient Runes: confusing the rune for partnership with defense.

I see Hermione being a character motivated by love.  She is the symbol of love, whether or not
it’s necessarily romantic doesn’t matter.  All of her actions are out of love, even the ones that
would annoy someone: The insistence on completing homework, the clothes for house elves, the
Firebolt incident in third year.  The true sign of love is wanting the best for another no matter
how it affects yourself.

To chalk her character up to just not being aware of how she affects others is an insult.  I think
she knew perfectly well what the boys’ reactions would be, but she went ahead and turned the
broomstick in anyway, because she cares that much for Harry’s well-being, it doesn’t matter if he
doesn’t agree or appreciate it.  She does it because it’s the right thing!

It’s easy to nod along and agree with people, even if you don’t necessarily approve of what’s
being said or done.  

It’s a different thing entirely to stand up to people, even more so your own friends, and disagree
or do the unpopular thing because it’s right and they’re doing the wrong thing.  To stand up for
what’s right even if it means sacrificing yourself or your own happiness.

It takes character and strength and integrity to do so, and if you can’t see that or appreciate those
qualities in another person, maybe you should take a closer look at yourself.

Those who’d have her shelve herself, stunt her growth, to be and stay with Ronald Weasley
clearly do not have an accurate view of who Hermione is as a person.  Because that is what
being with him would be like for her...a prison.  She’d have to hold herself back from her
dreams and aspirations so he could keep up and/or not get jealous of the attention and praise
she’d receive for being so perfectly amazing in every way.

I’ve said this continuously, and I’ll say it ‘til I’m blue in the face, Hermione is the type of person
that you’d take for granted.  The type of person you wouldn’t realize how good she was or how
much she did for you until she wasn’t there anymore.  

She does so much and gives so much of herself to those she loves and doesn’t ask for
recognition or anything in return, it would be hard not to take it for granted.  The boys are so
used to her saving the day that they can’t function without her.

Harry cannot even breathe in the Department of Mysteries when he sees her collapsed on the
ground, vulnerable and motionless.

I think Hermione is in fact Harry’s biggest weakness, yet at the same time she is his biggest
asset.  She is his conscience, his heart, his hope.  If anyone ever succeeded in taking that away
from him, all would be lost.

She would never turn against him or betray him; that would be completely against her character
and firmly against her previous actions throughout the books.  It is her faith in him, her
friendship and refusal to not love him that gets him through the fight, keeps his head in the