She doesn’t do anything to solve the problem. Clearly, at some point it does dawn on her that
there is a problem as she tries to ditch the book. And still she does not turn to anyone for help.
She simply tries to flush it...which always made me wonder what in the world possessed her to
attempt to flush a
book down the drain.

How would you flush a book down the toilet? A fish, yes. Spiders, okay. But books? How
would that have worked its way through the pipes, if it flushed at all? It would make more
sense to burn it, though if she had done that, we wouldn’t have had a story.
The beast...or chest monster instigator.

I won’t lie, I don’t like her...but I did try to be fair. I never had a problem with her before this last
book; actually I took really.

Her delineation of character gives the impression of someone who is sneaky, stealthy and
maybe even somewhat manipulative.

I’m sure you’re trying to figure out how that’s an unbiased opinion. I’ll proceed to prove my
hypothesis...and I ask you to prove me wrong.  

Show me where she’s been so sweet and wonderful that I should want her to fulfill her dreams,
want her to snag Harry, want her to surpass her brother, and even Hermione, in importance to
the novel.
Philosopher's Stone
The shy, little sister.

She cries when her mother won’t let her on the train to meet Harry, or rather the Boy Who Lived,
whom the entire Magical World has grown up idolizing, and every little girl’s, including this
one’s, secret crush.

Or maybe not so secret.

And that’s that. The first time we see her she’s whiny and spoiled. But then what could be
expected from the 10-year-old only girl in a mob of Weasley boys?
Chamber of Secrets
This marks the most prominent role she will play until Book 6 and even then, other then being
lusted after, she’s not much of a figure in the book.

She’s so hung up on Harry that she can’t even speak in front of him. She sees him, turns tail and
runs. However, we learn that she is not normally like that...she’s usually very talkative.

Then, in Florish and Blotts, Mr. Malfoy slips her the diary.  
I’ve always wondered about that...and it seems the strongest argument for her overall
importance in the series.  

Why give a tertiary character such importance, this must imply big things for Ginny in the
novels to come...except you hardly see her, even in this one...her biggest role to date.
So why give Ginny the diary? Why not someone closer to Harry?

That’s just it, though. Malfoy hadn’t targeted Harry.

It wasn’t about Harry,per se.

It was about getting the old diary back at Hogwarts where it could
do the most damage and release the basilisk with the help of an
unsuspecting victim.
It was only later, after Ginny had revealed her deepest, darkest desires to the diary that the
chunk of Riddle residing inside it became aware of the fact that Harry had defeated the grown
up Voldemort and was close enough to kill.

It didn’t necessarily have to be someone close to Harry, just someone at the school so they could
be the vessel and do the chunk of rotten soul’s evil bidding and give it fresh blood, soul and
body so Riddle could be restored to life, whatever form of life there is with only a seventh of a
soul, but okay...we get the idea.
    “Wonder what Potter’s written in this?” said Malfoy, who obviously
hadn’t noticed the year on the cover and thought he had Harry’s own diary. A
hush fell over the on lookers. Ginny was staring from the diary to Harry,
looking terrified.
Chamber of Secrets
Chapter 13
She steals the book back. She sneaks into the boys’ dormitory and ransacks Harry’s things until
she finds it and sneaks away. Never once does she take responsibility for her actions.
This she does of her own free will.  Because she’s afraid Harry will find out all her secrets, her
feelings for him and the horrible things she’s been doing.

The very next day Hermione gets attacked by the basilisk.
She lets other people take all the blame. First, she lets Harry, the dear love of her life, be singled
out and ostracized by the whole school because they think he’s the Heir of Slytherin. And
eventually even Dumbledore takes the brunt of it for her, getting sacked over all this because
she didn’t say anything to anyone.

Everyday she lets go without saying something; the more she endangers everyone at the school.
She was possessed so I will excuse the specific deeds she did: like attacking an innocent,
defenseless cat of all things, killing chickens to use their blood on the wall writing, etc. (The
basilisk may have been to blame for the petrifications, but she was the one commanding it.)

The worst thing, the most dangerous thing, is the lying and that she did all by herself of her own
free will.

It’s because she lies that more people get hurt, it’s because she lies to save face that Harry and
Ron have to risk their lives,
it’s because she lies that the school almost gets shut down.

She’s like a leech sucking the life out of the school only to have her own life/soul sucked out to
give tiny Tom Riddle life enough to finally kill Harry, the hero to Ginny’s damsel in distress,
her fancy.

Then Harry’s life gets sapped by the basilisk’s poisonous fang.  There’s a lot of soul sucking in
this series, isn’t there and we haven’t even met Dementors or Horcuxes yet.

After all is said and done, she never thanks Harry for what he’s done for her, saving her life,
taking the blame, shouldering the burden. She wakes up makes excuses, worries about what
other people will think of her, worries about being expelled and doesn't once ask Harry how he
is, if he's okay. She merely cries uncontrollably for about 7 pages straight.

Which equates to however long it took Harry to trek out of the Chamber with her to where Ron
was digging out, the flight up the pipes with Fawkes, the way to Dumbledore's office, the entire
fifteen minutes it takes Harry to retell the tale to everyone in the office and the questions that
follow, and all the way up to the hospital wing to check on Hermione.
And, frankly, if Professor Sprout wasn’t able to develop an antidote with Madam Pomfrey, this
mess wouldn’t have been tied up so neatly for her. Harry may have rescued her, but her life
would still have been over. It was her fault all those people, including Hermione, were petrified.

And not once did she do anything that could help any of the victims.

The only actions she takes are to save her own skin.

So a stellar first impression, naturally, and then she disappears for two books.
Nada. Niente. Nothing.

She starts shaking when the Dementors encroach.  Possibly reliving memories of her
possession? She doesn’t speak to tell us. She still has a crush on Harry so bad she can’t function
when he’s around.

The only interesting thing we learn that remotely involves her is that Molly Weasley once
brewed a love potion.
    They headed down to breakfast, where Mr. Weasley was reading the
front page of the Daily Prophet with a furrowed brow and Mrs. Weasley was  
telling Hermione and Ginny about a love potion she’d made as a young girl.  
All three of them were rather giggly.
Prisoner of Azkaban
Chapter 5
Got Secrets?
That's all for Book 3.  On to the rest of the series!
Prisoner of Azkaban
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Granger's Army
Perhaps Malfoy knew this process of regaining life would require a sacrifice.  And why not a
Weasley? The Malfoys and Weasleys clearly don’t get along; they are foils of each other. And
Lucius and Arthur just got into a fistfight in the bookstore in front of the kids.
    “Clearly,” said Mr. Malfoy, his pale eyes straying to Mr. and Mrs.
Granger, who were watching apprehensively.  “The company you keep,
Weasley...and I thought your family could sink no lower –”
    There was a thud of metal as Ginny’s cauldron went flying; Mr. Weasley
had thrown himself at Mr. Malfoy, knocking him backward into a bookshelf.  
Dozens of heavy spellbooks came thundering down on all their heads; there
was a yell of “Get him, Dad!” from Fred or George.
Chamber of Secrets
Chapter 4
So why not slip the little redheaded blood traitor the book? What better why to hurt someone
you hate then attacking his or her family?

It would only have been convenient after Voldemort had returned that the sacrificial soul had
been close to Harry. But then once Voldemort is back he wouldn’t have needed any excuses or
help in finding Harry and killing him. Especially since no one knew what was really happening,
they feared the return of a basilisk; they had no idea that the true Heir of Slytherin was
Voldemort himself, and therefore, what the Heir’s return would really mean.
Dumbledore mentions later on in Chapter 18 that the Weasley’s were targeted because of Mr.
Weasley’s Muggle Protection Act, but I don’t know if that’s completely true. It may have been an
added bonus that the Weasley’s would be tainted by the ordeal, but I don’t think the Weasley’s
were a target. What were the odds of all of them being in Flourish and Blotts at the same time?

So Ginny was just an arbitrary device. It could have been anyone. It could have just as easily
been Colin Creevy or even Luna. Harry would have run to save them just the same as he did
Ginny, except the expert Rowling chose someone close, a Weasley, so there would be an
emotional connection for the audience.
As a dramatic device it works brilliantly. Ginny
was targeted because you, the reader, already
know and love the Weasley’s and wouldn’t want
any of them hurt or killed, despite not really
knowing Ginny herself all that well.  

It’s not about Ginny; it’s about hurting an
innocent. It’s about going after a good family who
doesn’t deserve that.

This folks is war.
Ginny, the Drama Queen
In this book, the book that marks her biggest role yet and her first appearance of any substance,
we see her lying, being deceitful, disseminating and secretive. She not only breaks school rules,
she breaks laws and endangers innocent people.  
She’s very quiet, which apparently is very unusual for the youngest Weasley. Ron points out
that they normally can’t get her to shut up. But even in her staring role here, we don’t hear much
from her, don’t see her all that much either.

What we do see are her actions and by these actions she seems anything but trustworthy.

She lies throughout this book to cover for herself. And if it’s not an outright lie, it is a lie of
omission. She doesn’t tell anyone what is going on, she doesn’t confide in Hermione, or her
brothers, Dumbledore, McGonagall, doesn’t write home to her parents, doesn’t go to see Madam
Pomfrey when she blacks out and realizes she’s missing gaps of time.
    “Harry – I don’t know who did it – I just found –” Watching Harry
fearfully, Neville pushed open the door.

    The contents of Harry’s trunk had been thrown everywhere. His cloak
lay ripped on the floor. The bedclothes had been pulled off his four-poster and
the drawer had been pulled out of his bedside cabinet, the contents strewn
over the mattress.
    But Ron was examining Harry’s robes. All the pockets were hanging out.
“Someone’s been looking for something,” said Ron. “Is there anything

    Harry started to pick up all his things and throw them into his trunk. It
was only as he threw the last of the Lockhart books back into it that he
realized what wasn’t there.

    “Riddle’s diary’s gone,” he said in an undertone to Ron.
Chamber of Secrets
Chapter 14
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Anyway, she finds out Harry has the book and panics. She can’t let him know all the sordid
daydreams she’s been writing or worse yet, have the book tell him all the horrible crimes she’s