Vital Stats:
Bonnie Wright
Full Name:
Bonnie Kathleen Wright


Date of Birth:
17 February 1991

Place of Birth:
London, England, UK

1, older
Bonnie at the London Order Premiere 2007
As the real world representation of our beloved Ginevra Molly Weasley, Bonnie Wright has
warmed the hearts of HP fans.  Bonnie Kathleen Wright was born on February 17, 1991 in
London and has one older brother named Lewis.  Her parents, Sheila Teague and Gary Wright,
own their own jewelry design company in London, Wright & Teague.

She debuted as Ginny Weasley in
Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s (Sorcerer’s) Stone in 2001, to be
followed up by a bigger role in the second movie, Chamber of Secrets.  She’s also appeared on
British television in
Stranded and The Replacements.

Bonnie wants to continue acting once the Potter movies are over.  When asked about her
character, Bonnie has said she got the role through determination, “I stayed Ginny through the
whole audition.”  The young actor admires Nicole Kidman and sites her as a role model and
influence on her acting and career.

Though she is committed to acting, Bonnie is also interested in music and dance.  She sings, can
play the piano and recorder and has studied ballet, modern and African dance.  Bonnie is very
athletic and likes to surf and play football (soccer) as well.  When not filming, Bonnie attends
regular school.  Her favourite subjects are science and art.

Through her work with the Potter franchise, she’s had the opportunity to visit many countries.  
She’s been to America, Australia, India, Spain, Italy and France, to name just a few.  Her favorite
vacation spot is Australia for its beaches and surfing. She’s taken to the water sport quite well
and enjoys it whenever she can.  In fact, she’s said that if she had to choose a different career she’
d like to own a resort in Australia.
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