Honors and Awards:
    Vital Stats:
Tom Felton
Full Name:
    Thomas Andrew Felton


Date of Birth:
    22 September 1987

Place of Birth:
    Kensington, London, England

    3, older
One of the only Potter kids cast who had previous film experience, Tom Felton first auditioned
for both the roles of Harry and Ron before being cast as the quintessential bad boy, Draco

Born in Kensington, he is the youngest of four sons.  He began acting at the age of 8, but insists
that as the youngest he got no special treatment from his brothers.  Tom jokes that after coming
home from his day on set, his brothers, Jonathan, Chris and Ashley, would often ignore him for
their favourite television show.

He did acquire a love of fishing from his older brother, Chris, to whom he is very close.  Chris
even served as Tom’s PA on set of the Potter films.

Tom has been an avid fisherman since the age of 11.  He got his first job working in a fishery and
ever since has dreamed of owning his own.

Though Tom has enjoyed superstardom with his fellow cast mates, he is a down-to-earth person
and prefers being at home; he is most comfortable in the outdoors.

He only recently considered a future in film; his passion and interests had previously always
laid in fishing.  After filming the Potter series, Tom even wanted to study fishery management at

Cars are another of Tom’s passions and he bought his first car before he could even drive!  Tom
says of his car: “It was a great motivator: I wanted something for the hours I put in at the studios
and just seeing it on the drive made me appreciate everything.”  He even bought his family cars
in appreciation for all their support.

Tom is beloved in the Potter fandom because he plays a bad boy everyone loves to hate
fantastically.  Reprising the role of a villain, he had a role in the big budget pre-quel
Rise of the
Planet of the Apes
.  Most recently, he has signed on to star in a WWII movie called Ghosts of the
.  He remains dedicated to meeting and thanking all his fans and supporters and often
attends different fan conventions and events.
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