Timothy Spall plays Peter Pettigrew aka Wormtail in all his wicked rattiness.
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Timothy Spall
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Full Name:
    Timothy Leonard Spall        


Date of Birth:
    27 February 1957       

Place of Birth:
    Battersea, London, England

    3rd of 4 boys
Timothy Spall was born to father Joe, a postal worker, and mother Sylvia, a hairdresser.  The
third of four sons, Spall led a simple, ordinary life, a fact that most likely led to his calm
presence in Hollywood.

As a young adult and a promising actor, he trained at the National Youth Theater and at the
Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA). At the latter, he was awarded the Bancroft Gold Medal
for the most hopeful and talented actor of the year.

In 1979, he joined the Royal Shakespeare Company where he remained for two years, refining
his skill and performing in “The Merry Wives of Windsor," "Cymbeline," "The Three Sisters,”
and "Nicholas Nickleby."

Spall stepped into a much brighter spotlight in the early 80’s, balancing television and movie
roles to establish his name. Some credits around this time include
Crusoe, Secrets and Lies,
Shooting the Past, Rock Star
, and The Last Samurai. Most notably, he portrayed Barry Taylor in all
four series of
Auf Wiedersehen, Pet.

It is also around this time that Spall met his wife, Shane. The two were married on 1 December
1981 and had three children, Mercedes, Pascale, and Rafe, who would later follow in his
father’s acting footsteps. The decade seemed to be turning point in his personal life as well as
the pinnacle of his career.

Unfortunately, Spall’s career came to halt in the mid ‘90s. The talented actor was diagnosed with
acute myeloid leukemia in 1996. The disease forced him to take a break from acting over the
next few years. However, the illness came as a blessing in disguise. Spall, who often worried
and stressed over work, learned to relax. He vowed to become more selective and prepared for
roles in hopes to head stress off at the pass.

The disease has since been in remission, and Spall’s career re-blossomed thanks to his
newfound outlook on life. He settled with his family in Forest Hill, a suburb of Southeast
London, and began to take on well-known roles.

He established himself as a brilliant character actor in movies such as
Enchanted, Sweeny Todd,
Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events. He also appeared as a rat in two film
Chicken Run and, most importantly, Harry Potter.

His greatest achievements were yet to come. On 31 December 1999, Spall was named an OBE
(Officer of the British Empire) as part of the 2000 Queen’s Millennium Honors List. Finally, in
2005, Spall was cast in the leading role of Albert Pierrepoint in
Pierrepoint (UK) [The Last

Spall will most likely be remembered as one of the greatest character actors of his generation.
His success can be attributed to the fact that he has embraced this position.
“What some people take to be losers, I consider to be representative of normal life.”
    Honors and Awards:
    1999   Best Supporting Actor BAFTA Award nomination
    1999   Best Actor BAFTA TV Award nomination
    Our Mutual Friend
    1999   Best Actor Broadcasting Press Guild Award win
    Out Mutual Friend
    2000   Best Actor BAFTA TV Award nomination
    2000   Best Actor BAFTA TV Award nomination
    Shooting the Past
    2001   Best Supporting Actor London Critics Circle Award nom
    2001   Best Actor British Independent Film Award nomination
    Lucky Break
    2002   Best Acting Ensemble National Board of Review Award win
    Nicholas Nickleby
    2002   Best Supporting Actor Chlotrudis Award nomination
    2002   Best Actor European Film Award nomination
    All or Nothing
    2002   Best Actor British Independent Film Award nomination
    All or Nothing
    2002   Best Actor BAFTA TV Award nomination
    Vacuuming Completely Nude in Paradise
    2003   Best Lead Actor AFI Award nomination
    Getting’ Square
    2006   Best British Actor London Film Critics Circle nom
    Pierrepoint (The Last Hangman)
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