"It’s gotten to the stage where my father, who lives in Ireland, sometimes has people driving to
his house with their children to see the place where
Harry Potter’s [grandparents] live. It does
take a bit of head bending to work that out; 'you know Mrs. Dursley's dad lives there.' And then
somehow the book has a life beyond the book! It’s incredible!"
Fiona Shaw was born to an eye surgeon father, Denis, and physicist mother, Mary. Christened
Philomena, she liked to be called “FeFe” as a young girl which may have led to her adopting
‘Fiona’ later in life; unfortunately, not much information is available on the subject.

She found her love of performance at school in poetry competitions – the spark created by
reading poetry ignited into a much greater passion. Her pragmatic father, however, persuaded
her to get a university degree before pursuing acting.

Relenting, she studied philosophy at University College Cork and received her BA Honors
degree before training at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, or RADA, in London. There she
won the Bancroft Gold Medal and made her professional debut as Rosaline in
Love's Labor's Lost
in 1982.

Journalist Richard Covington described Shaw as a “fixture with the Royal Shakespeare
Company and London's National Theatre.” Since her 1983 appearance in the National Theatre’s
production of
The Rivals, Shaw has shown herself to be a preeminent force on the world stage.
Often heralded as “one of our finest classical actresses” and even “the next Vanessa Redgrave,”
Shaw maintains a strong sense of self and humility.

The proof, however, is in the pudding, as they say. Shaw has won two London Evening
Standard Awards, two London Critics' Awards, a Drama Desk Award, a Theater World Award, a
Tony nomination, and has been nominated for an Olivier Award four times and won twice!

Her talent coupled with her independent nature has risen more than a few eyebrows.
Controversy over her performance of Shakespeare’s
Richard II – as the title character – had many
in the British press asking questions, but those questions soon turned into applause.

Richard II, Shaw gained critical and popular acclaim as well as a lasting partnership with
director, Deborah Warner. The two – often referred to as the “Terrible Two” – have continued to
work together for 20 years.

Their collaboration has resulted in a slew of awards and accolades for the talented pair. In 2007,
they worked together on Beckett’s Happy Days. The play traveled from the London stage,
across Europe, eventually landing on stage in NYC at BAM where the New York audiences
went crazy for Shaw.

Perhaps best known - or at least most widely known - as Aunt Petunia in the
Harry Potter film
series, Shaw is a talented and well-established actor and brings years of experience and
professionalism to the set. She is as proud to be a part of such a monumental production as she
is to be known for her work on stage. When asked by
Gothamist.com in 2007 about Aunt Petunia,
she jokes that the
Potter films have made her very popular with kids.
    Honors and Awards:
The Hobbit
The Hunger Games
Harry Potter
Percy Jackson
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    Vital Stats:
Fiona Shaw
Full Name:
    Philomena Mary Wilson        

    Fe Fe

Date of Birth:
    10 July 1958       

Place of Birth:
    County Cork, Ireland

Fiona Shaw makes waves as the frigid Aunt Petunia Dursley
    1989   Best Actress London Critics Circle Theatre Award win
    1990   Best Actress Olivier Award win
    1991   Best Actress London Critics Circle Theatre Award win
    Hedda Gabbler
    1992   Best Actress Olivier Award nomination
    Hedda Gabbler
    1993   Best Actress London Evening Standard Theatre Award win
    1994   Best Actress Olivier Award win
    1996   Best Supporting Actress Chlotrudis Award nomination
    1997   Theater World Award win
    The Waste Land
    1997   Best One Person Show Drama Desk Award win
    The Waste Land
    2001   Best Actress London Evening Standard Theatre Award win
    2001   Commander of the Order of the British Empire (CBE)

    2002   Best Ensemble Phoenix Film Critics Award nomination
    Chamber of Secrets
    2002   Best Supporting Actress National Society of Film
    Critics Award nomination
    The Triumph of Love
    2003   Best Actress Drama Desk Award nomination
    2003   Best Actress Tony Award nomination
    2008   Best Actress Drama Desk Award nomination
    Happy Days
    2008   Best Actress Olivier Award nomination
    Happy Days
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