Rupert Grint BAFTA Awards 2006
  • 2002   Satellite Award
    Special Achievement Award Outstanding New Talent

  • 2007
    Celebrity of the Year

  • Young Artist Award
    Most Promising New Comer

  • Young Artist Award
    Best Ensemble in a Feature Film

  • Empire Award
    Best Debut

  • Phoenix film Critics Society
    Best Acting Ensemble

  • MTV Movie Awards
    Best On-Screen Team
    Honors and Awards:
    Vital Stats:
Rupert Grint
Full Name:
    Rupert Alexander Lloyd Grint

    Rupe; Go Again Grint

Date of Birth:
    24 August 1998

Place of Birth:
    Hertfordshire, England, UK

    5, all younger
Rupert was born on August 24, 1988 in Hertfordshire, England, UK.  He is the first of 5 children
born to Nigel and Jo Grint.  Although only acting in one school play before being cast in the
Harry Potter series, he has proven to be an accomplished actor as he nears the end of the series.

A self-proclaimed fan of the
Harry Potter series, Rupert was interested in getting a role in the
film.  Rupert decided he wanted to stand out in the director’s mind so unlike the other children
auditioning, he decided to take a chance.

He sent in a video of himself dressed as his drama teacher (a woman) performing a rap that he
had written stating why he wanted to be Ronald Weasley.  Of course we know his innovation
and talent won him the part.

The creative directors of the
Harry Potter series decided to continue with the same actors for the
main characters throughout the series.  The child actors have made many sacrifices in addition
to their many opportunities.  

They have had to be tutored on set to be able to keep up with their classes.  But they have had
many doors opened for them because of being so visible in the acting world.  Rupert has done
other films including
Thunderpants (2002) and Driving Lessons (2006).  Rupert has a genuine
charm on film.

On July 9, 2007, Rupert, Emma, and Daniel left imprints of their hands, feet, and wands in front
of Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Hollywood.
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