Cedric - I mean Edward...no, I mean Cedric!
Robert Pattinson, as well as two older sisters, was born and raised in London, England to
Richard and Clare, who worked for a modeling agency.  In England, he attended both the Tower
House School and Harrodian School.

He was brought up to become a triple threat.

Modeling was one of Robert’s first, though ultimately least involved, endeavors.  He broke into
modeling at the age of twelve believing it would establish his name in the entertainment

However, it quickly wound down, and by the age of 16, he was forced to end his career.  Robert
has attributed this unraveling on his masculine appearance, saying that he was too much of a
guy to get any more jobs.

Although he did make a brief return to modeling after becoming famous by completing an ad
campaign in autumn 2007 for Hackett, a company that features authentic British clothing and
men’s designer clothing.

Modeling may not have panned out, but music always came first for Robert.  He began taking
guitar lessons at the age of 5, and piano lessons at the young age of three.  In addition to his
talent on these two instruments, he also composes his own songs.   He formed a band with his
friends known as the 'Bad Girls'.

Though he considers being a musician as his backup career, he has managed to incorporate
music into his acting career.  The soundtrack for one of his feature films,
How to Be, featured
three of his songs, while the album for the first
Twilight movie included 'Never Think' and 'Let
Me Sign', both performed by Pattinson.

Acting is undoubtedly the most significant of Robert’s talents, as it is his acting ability that
paved the way to his overwhelming success.

He was introduced to the world of acting at the age of 15, when he joined the Barnes Theatre
Company, an amateur theatre company located in London.  He actually began working
backstage for the company before taking on acting roles in productions of
Anything Goes and
Our Town.  It wasn’t until his role in Tess of the d’Urbervilles that he realized his own potential.

His performance grabbed the attention of an acting agent in the audience one night.  That led to
a role in the amateur version of
Macbeth for the Old Sorting Office Arts Centre.  Offers and
opportunities were soon heading in Robert’s direction.  He appeared in the 2004 television
Ring of the Nibelungs, and then in Mira Nair’s Vanity Fair.

Soon after, Robert officially joined the
Harry Potter family.  A mere one week after meeting
director Mike Newell, he received the role of Cedric Diggory in the fourth film of the series,
arry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The director has stated,

    “Cedric exemplifies all that you would expect the Hogwarts’ champion to be.
    Robert Pattinson was born to play the role; he’s quintessentially English, with
    chiseled public schoolboy good looks.”

That year, he was named the 'British Star of Tomorrow' by
The Times because of his performance
in that film, and it was soon after that the won his most recognized role.

Robert was chosen to play the character Edward Cullen, the vampire protagonist who falls in
love with the human Bella Swan in Stephanie Meyer’s popular book series,
Twilight.  Though
originally fearful of meeting the expectations attached to the role, his vast and unwavering fan
base only confirms that he was best suited for the character.

There is also no doubt, based on the devotion of those fans, that Robert officially established his
place in Teen Idol history.  In November 2009, Revolver Entertainment released
Robsessed, a
documentary chronicling Robert’s immense popularity.

Robert credits Jack Nicholson to be his acting inspiration.  He claims that he imitated Jack for
weeks after watching the film
One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest.

He was named the 'Sexiest Man Alive' by
People Magazine in 2008, and was given the same honor
Glamour Magazine based on a 2009 poll.

He currently lives in L.A. where he will appear in the remaining
Twilight (New Moon, Eclipse,
Breaking Dawn
) movies as well as the upcoming movies Little Ashes and Remember Me.
    Vital Stats:
Robert Pattinson
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    2 Sisters: Lizzy, 25; Victoria, 27
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*Written by RGW.
    2008  Strasbourg International Film Award for Best Actor
    How to Be
    2009  MTV Movie Award for Best Fight
    2009  MTV Movie Award for Breakthrough Performance: Male
    2009  MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss  
    2009  Scream Award for Best Fantasy Actor  
    2009  Scream Award nom for Breakthrough Performance: Male
    2009  Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Rumble
    2009  Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Liplock
    2009  Teen Choice Award for Choice Male Hottie
    2009  Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actor: Drama