Matt and Katie at the OotP Premiere 2007
    Vital Stats:
Matthew Lewis
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Full Name:
    Matthew David Lewis

    Matt; Matty

Date of Birth:
    27 June 1989

Place of Birth:
    Leeds, West Yorkshire, England

    3, older
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"Lightning Over New York City" photography by Christopher Imperato.
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Matt was born to Lynda and Adrian Lewis, the youngest of three children.  He has two older
brothers, Chris and Anthony, and one older foster sister, Cyndi.  He also has a nephew, Aiden,
who was born in March of 2006.

Lynda is a magistrate in Leeds, but also serves as Matt’s PA and chaperone on set.  The family
had experience with child actors even before Matt started in the business.  Anthony began acting
at the age of nine and most recently was on the television show,

Matt, one of the few Potter kids who acted professionally before being cast in the Potter
franchise, debuted in 1995’s
Some Kind of Life playing Jane Horrocks’ son.  He also appeared in a
handful of other television shows in the UK.

The young star enjoys reading; he was a fan of the books before being cast as Neville.  He
admits to dressing up as Harry and running around his room pretending he was a wizard.

Now that he is a wizard, he’s gotten many opportunities such as traveling the world for different
fan events and premieres.  Matt crossed the States with Devon Murray and the Phelps twins,
promoting the Potter series at Comicon conventions.  He also represented his fellow cast mates
at the Armageddon Sci-Fi and Comics Convention in Auckland, Australia.

When not on set, he attends St. Mary’s Comprehensive School.  He was happy with his AS Level
scores.  He received two Bs and two Cs in Theology, English Language, Psychology and
General Studies.  He took three A Levels before moving on to get a degree.

Though his future after the Potter films conclude isn’t set, this boy from Leeds has been very
fortunate so far.  He landed the role of Neville after auditioning in an open casting call in
Leeds.  Most actors refer to these as “cattle calls” because it is very difficult to get the attention
of a casting director when thrown in the mix with hundreds of other actors reading for the same

It proved successful for Matt, though, and he’s been enjoying his success ever since.  He's been
awarded many opportunities including attending many events for the Potter team such as
taking part in Queen Elizabeth’s 80th Birthday celebration at Buckingham Palace.  He also made
the move to the stage with a successful run of
Our Boys on the West End in Fall 2012.  His future
looks very bright, indeed.
*Written by Rilian Holden.