Little Miss Scotland, Katie Leung
    2006  Outstanding Newcomer Award Nomination
    Young Scots Award

    2007  Scotland’s Most Stylish Female
    Cosmogirl’s Hot 100 List (#80)

    2008  MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss
    Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
    Vital Stats:
    Honors and Awards:
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Full Name:
    Katie Liu Leung        


Date of Birth:
    8 August 1987       

Place of Birth:
    Motherwell, North Lanarkshire, Scotland

    3: Two Brothers, and a younger Sister
Scottish actress Katie Leung found the key to overcoming her shyness in an unconventional way.

Five years ago, she was living with her father, her two brothers, and her younger sister in
Battersea, South London. Her father, Peter, who was busy balancing a successful Chinese
restaurant in Glasgow and a thriving Chinese food wholesale business, was watching television
when he came across an advertisement that immediately reminded him of his daughter.

The commercial was for an open audition to play the character Cho Chang in the upcoming
Harry Potter movie. Author J.K. Rowling insisted the role be given to a complete unknown.

Katie, having never even been in a school play, was as unknown as you could get.

Katie agreed to go on the audition but without any expectations. In fact, the line was so long
when they arrived that she even considered going shopping instead.

She decided to wait only to be interviewed for a mere five minutes. Katie returned home that
day assuming that the audition was nothing more than an interesting experience.

Two weeks later, however, Katie received a phone call explaining that she had beaten out 4,500
other girls to receive the role of Cho Chang. Katie, also being fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin,
strongly believes that it was her Scottish accent that gave her the edge.

Despite never acting a day in her life, Katie went on to film the biggest grossing movie of the
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

Katie was asked to return as Cho Chang for a more in depth role in
Harry Potter and the Order of
the Phoenix
the following year. It was in this movie that she shared an on screen kiss with her
Harry Potter co-star, Daniel Radcliffe. The kiss received much media coverage, as it was the first
major kiss for the main character and in the series.

Katie then did video game voiceover work for the video games for
Harry Potter and the Order of
the Phoenix
and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. She will be reprising her role as Cho in
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

However, her character’s significance in the
Harry Potter series reached its climax in the fifth
movie. Because of this, Katie began her search to branch out into other roles.

In 2007, she appeared as the female lead in the music video
Love Coming Home for musician Leo
Ku. In 2008, she guest starred in ITV1’s
Agatha Christie’s Poirot as Hsui Tai in the episode
entitled, “Cat among the Pigeons.” Her collective work earned her the titles of Scotland’s Most
Stylish Female and The Hottest Scotswoman as decided on by
The Scotsman.

Katie attended Hamilton College, Scotland’s prestigious private school, until May of 2005. In
order to film the fifth
Harry Potter film, she had to delay Art College.

She had enrolled in photography classes in the University of the Arts London and has since
expressed that if she wasn’t an actress she would pursue a career in photography. Katie’s
favorite Chinese actors are Aaron Kwok and Stephen Chow, though her first celebrity crush is
Joaquin Phoenix.

As for the shy girl who never spoke up for herself? Being an actress has given her the confidence
to be herself. Recently, she gave this advice to other girls wanting to pursue acting as a career:

    "When I was in my early teens, I wasn’t very confident.  In fact, before
    getting the part in the film, I’d say I was shy, especially at school.  I’d never
    acted before, but being in front of the camera has really brought me out of
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