Vital Stats:
Evanna Lynch
Full Name:
    Evanna Meghan Naomi Lynch

    Ev; Evy; Eva

Date of Birth:
    16 August 1991

Place of Birth:
    Termonfeckin, County Louth, Ireland

    3, 1 younger - 2 older
Evanna at the NMA 2007 Awards
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*Written by Rilian Holden.
Evanna lives in Termonfeckin with her 3 siblings and her parents, Mairead, and her younger
brother, Patrick, grew up and attend school in the small town.  She is enrolled at Our Lady’s
College, Greenhills, an all-girls Catholic school.

A die-hard fan of
Harry Potter, Evanna has read the books several times and even has a copy of
Order signed by JK Rowling herself.  She painted her bedroom orange and transcribed her
favourite quotes from the books in turquoise on her walls.  Even her cats are subject to her
Potter fascination.  She has two: Luna and Dumbledore; sadly, her cat Crookshanks passed away.

Hospitalized at the time of
Order’s release, Evanna’s parents got permission for her to leave to
pick up her copy of the book.  She wore her Potter gear with pride, even painting ‘I love Harry
Potter’ down the length of her arms.

Prior to landing the role as Luna, Evanna wrote to JK Rowling.  She talked of her love of the
novels and her desire to act in the films, but figured it would never happen as she lives in a
sleepy, uneventful town. JK actually wrote her back, encouraging her to pursue her dreams.  
And, Rowling said, she shouldn’t be too hard on Termonfeckin – “it does have a brilliant name!
And I come from a very sleepy place."

When the auditions for Luna were announced, Evanna was determined to try out.  Her mother
didn’t think she would stand a chance and tried to prevent her from auditioning.  However, her
father could see his daughter was very serious about it and took her to London for the casting

She has been quoted to say “I really wanted to go, because if I didn't I never would have known,
and I'd have been annoyed with myself.”  Being such a big fan, Evanna loved Luna from the
start and always wanted to play her.

The luck of the Irish held out for Evanna.  She was picked out of 15,000 girls who auditioned for
the role of Luna.  Shortly after being called back for a screen test with Harry Potter himself,
Daniel Radcliffe, she was informed of her success and was shocked.

Once idolizing the Potter actors, she can now count herself among them.  They helped bring to
life something she loved, and now she gets to do that for others.