Full Name:
    Emma Charlotte Duerre Watson

    Em; One Take Watson

Date of Birth:
    15 April 1990

Place of Birth:
    Paris, France

    4, all younger
    Vital Stats:
    Honors and Awards:
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Emma was born to lawyers Jacqueline and Christopher Watson in Paris, France her brother,
Alex, followed three years later.  When Emma was 5, the family moved back to Britain.  During
this time, her parents divorced.  Emma and Alex settled in Oxfordshire with Jacqueline, where
she still resides when film production is over.

Christopher lives in London, Emma’s second home, and remarried.  From this relationship,
Emma has a younger brother, Toby and twin sisters, Nina and Lucy.  (Nina and Lucy were cast
as Young Pauline in BBC One’s
Ballet Shoes, but the scene was later cut from the film.)

Ever the smarty-pants, Emma attended the prestigious Dragon School in Oxford, where she
discovered an interest in performing and poetry.  She won an award when she was just 7 for her
recital of James Reeves’
The Sea in the Daisy Pratt Poetry Competition.

When they were casting for the first Potter film, the producers and director, Chris Columbus,
auditioned children at many different schools across Britain.  Emma received the rare
opportunity to read for them when they visited the Dragon School.  

She landed the role when she was only nine, impressing the production team as well as JK
Rowling herself, who has said she knew Emma was right for Hermione after just one phone

Emma was just ten when filming began in 2000 and was very nervous her first day on set.
However, when the film opened in theaters worldwide, her nerves proved unwarranted.  

The movie garnered public and critical acclaim the world over and Emma herself was praised
from every corner of the globe for her portrayal of Hermione Granger.  She’s won and been
nominated for many different awards over the years (for a complete list see below).  

She has also been awarded the honor of being the youngest star to grace the covers of
Teen Vogue
Tatler Magazine in each of the respective publication’s histories.

Proving herself to be very Hermione-like in her real life, the young starlet has always made an
effort to balance her schoolwork with her filming.  Despite the time she spends away from
school, in private tutoring on set, she scored 8 A*s and 2 As on her GSCE exams in 2006.  

In May 2007, she took A/S Level exams in Art, History of Art, English and Geography. She then
dropped History of Art for her A Levels in 2008 and reports that the exams went well.  After a
planned (and much deserved) gap year, she plans to attend university and continue with her

Education is very important to Emma and a bit of an online scandal evolved from rumors in
2007 that reported she would not be returning for the last two Potter movies.  Those reports
proved baseless when Emma signed a contract with Warner Brothers to complete the Potter
franchise.  She had delayed over concerns for her education being overwhelmed by her acting
schedule, but the studio went to great lengths to ensure Emma would have time for both.

Having originally planned to return to school after the press blitz for
Order was finished,Emma
changed her mind when offered the role of Pauline in a BBC One adaptation of Noel
Streatfeild’s classic novel
Ballet Shoes.  She accepted the role juggling her schedule around to
accommodate filming, schooling and her return to the
HBP set. Ballet Shoes marks Emma’s first
project outside of Potter; it aired on British television on Boxing Day 2007.

When not filming, Emma loves to learn and enjoys being back at home attending Headington,
yet another prestigious all-girls day school in Oxford, spending time with her family and

She enjoys playing sports (she plays field hockey, netball and tennis for her school’s teams),
painting (her dressing room wall at the studio is covered in original artwork), singing (she sang
a bit in GoF) and dancing (she’s competed twice on her school’s dance team in the ‘Rock
Challenge’ global dance competition).  In January 2008, Emma passed her driving exam with
flying colors.

In the future, Emma can look forward to what the world expects will be a long and illustrious
acting career.  She’s well on her way already with
Ballet Shoes premiering with rave reviews (and
Empire Award nominations), starring in a supporting role in an Oscar nominated film,
My Week
with Marilyn
, and garnering much critical acclaim for her role as Sam in The Perks of Being a

(Interesting fact: all the movies just mentioned are film adaptations of successful novels.)

Her dream remains to return to the stage.  She’s sure to conquer the West End and Broadway as
successfully and gracefully as she’s conquered world cinema, and the hearts of millions of fans.
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*Written by Rilian Holden.
  • Honored by Oxford University when invited to give a speech at famous Oxford Union
  • Honored at Grauman’s Chinese Theater leaving hand, feet and wand imprints
  • MTV Trailblazer Award - 2nd Ever Recipient

  • Phoenix Film Critics’ Society Award nomination for Best Youth Performance
  • American Moviegoer Award nomination for Outstanding Supporting Actress
  • Young Artists Award nomination for Best Ensemble in a Feature Film
  • Saturn Award nomination for Best Performance by a Young Actor
  • Empire Award nomination for Best Debut (with Dan and Rupert)
  • Phoenix Film Critics’ Society Award nomination for Best Acting Ensemble (Chamber)
  • Broadcast Film Critics Association Award nomination for Best Young Actress
  • ITV Celebrity Awards nomination for Young Talent of the Year
  • MTV Movie Award nomination for Best On-Screen Team
  • Broadcast Film Critics Association Award nomination for Best Young Actress
  • Relly Award (Live with Regis and Kelly talk show) nomination for Best Junior Achiever
  • Empire Award nomination for Best Actress
  • Empire Award nomination for Best TV Actress (Ballet Shoes)

  • Young Artists Award winner for Leading Young Actress in a Feature Film
  • AOL Moviegoers Award winner for Best Supporting Actress
  • Phoenix Film Critics’ Society Award winner Best Performance by a Youth
  • Total Film Magazine Award winner for Child Performance of the Year
  • AOL Moviegoers Award winner for Best Supporting Actress
  • Bravo Magazine Bronze Otto Award winner for Best Actress
  • Bravo Magazine Silver Otto Award winner for Favorite Actress
  • SyFy Genre Award winner for Best Actress
  • SyFy Genre Award winner for Best Young Actor
  • Australia’s Xpress Magazine Penguin Award winner for Best Actress
  • Bravo Magazine Gold Otto Award winner for Best Female Film Star
  • Empire Award winner for Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema (with Dan & Rupert)
  • Belgian Gouden Flip Parrot Award winner for Best Actress
  • UK Kids Choice Award winner for Best Actress
  • UK National Movie Award winner for Best Female Performance
  • US People's Choice Award for Best Dramatic Actress 2013 (The Perk of Being a Wallflower)

    *Just to name a few!