GA: Ballet Shoes - US Release
Press Release:
    Ballet Shoes features an all-star cast led by Emma Watson, the inspiring and uplifting family
    drama that won over audiences of all ages during its UK premiere at Christmas.  

    Now, Koch Vision brings Ballet Shoes to American audiences for the first time, when this
    feature-length adaptation of Noel Streatfeild's beloved novel makes its DVD debut –
    complete with an exclusive Emma Watson bonus interview.

    Showcasing Watson in her first role beyond Harry Potter, this heartwarming tale – and soon-
    to-be family classic – Order Here!

    Ballet Shoes also enjoyed a limited theatrical release in the US in August 2008, in
    conjunction with Screenvision.
Continuously in print since first being published in 1936, Streatfeild's novel – subtitled "A Story
of Three Children on the Stage" – has delighted generations of young girls with its message that
dreams really do come true.  

Directed by Sandra Goldbacher (
Me Without You, The Governess), this "enchanting" adaptation,
produced by
Granada for the BBC, also stars Eileen Atkins (
Cold Comfort Farm, Gosford Park), Richard Griffiths
The History Boys, Sleepy Hollow),Gemma Jones (Sense and Sensibility, Harry Potter and the Chamber of
), Emilia Fox (The Pianist, Cashback), Victoria Wood (Housewife 49, The Wind and the Willows)
and Marc Warren (
Wanted, Land of the Blind).

"We three Fossils vow to put our name in the history book, because it is ours, and ours alone..."  
With these words, three orphans embark on an exhilarating journey that takes them to the
heights of the stage, screen and sky.

Pauline (Watson), Petrova (Yasmin Paige) and Posy Fossil (Lucy Boynton) are adopted as
infants by eccentric explorer Professor Matthew Brown (Richard Griffiths), whom they
affectionately call Great Uncle Matthew (or "Gum" for short).  

When "Gum" goes missing, his niece Sylvia (Emilia Fox) keeps the family together by taking in
lodgers and eventually enrolls the girls in the Children's Academy of Dancing and Stage
Training.  This suits the ambitious Pauline, who longs to act, and Posy, a natural dancer, but
Petrova, who yearns to become an aviator, has her own dreams of soaring the skies.  

The girls' lives in show business are filled with triumphs and lessons learned until "Gum's"
surprise return provides the perfect happy ending for them all.

Ballet Shoes is recommended family entertainment by the Dove Foundation, whose mission is to
encourage and promote the creation, production, distribution and consumption of wholesome
family entertainment.  

Bonus features include an exclusive 20-minute interview with Emma Watson, deleted scenes, an
excerpt from the
Ballet Shoes audiobook (read by Elizabeth Sastre) and a limited-edition 9"x14"
mini-poster.  Additionally, the film is presented with optional SDH English Subtitles (for the
deaf and hard of hearing).
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