Based on the Noel Streatfield classic and set in 1930s London, Ballet Shoes tells the story of
orphans Pauline, explorer Professor Brown known as "Gum" and raised as sisters by his selfless
niece, Sylvia.

After Gum's disappearance and suffering from failing health, Sylvia decides to take in lodgers.
Sprightly academics Dr. Smith and Dr. Jakes are soon joined by dance teacher Theo Dane and
the grieving Mr. Simpson.  These new arrivals promise many changes for all of them.

Soon the girls are enrolled in theatre school. Ambitious Pauline, who yearns to act, and feisty
Posy, who dreams for ballet, are thrilled.  However, Petrova longs for a career as an aviator, and
endures her frustration and disappointment for the good of the family.

The three young girls vow to put their names in the history books, not because of their
grandfathers but for them.  The story follows the trials each must face to reach her dream, as the
money runs out and they must work hard to keep not only their dreams alive, but their family

They grow from children to young women learning to make sacrifices for those they love.  It's a
moving tale, beautifully filmed and masterfully acted by a stellar cast.
GA: Ballet Shoes
part; Pauline's experience as a child actress who becomes a movie star had some
parallels with her own.

Emma comments: "I was all set to go back to school after finishing Harry Potter
but couldn't resist Ballet Shoes. I really loved it; it felt so funny and real. It was
also beautifully written." She adds that a scene that had most resonance for her
takes place the night before the première of Pauline's first film. Pauline weeps:
"Tomorrow night, my face is going to be blown up as big as a house, and
everyone will find me out!"

According to Heidi, Emma need not fear. "Emma's performance in Ballet Shoes is
a revelation," she comments. "She is maturing rapidly as a young woman and as
an actress – her work is sensitive, subtle and intelligent."

    Excerpted from a BBC Promotional
    Article published December 2007
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